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Designer Group, Huntsman Architectural Group, has built two new buildings on Uber’s four-building campus. They have emphasised primarily on the employees with a holistic view of not only taking productivity to the next level but also ensuring mutual well-being at all levels of the hierarchy in the office space. The Uber Office is quite an example of balance, as should be in all things, of course including a software company office design.

Image Source: Iands Design

Image Source: Iands Design

Image Source: Iands Design

An Apple a day keeps all stress away 

Known as the Apple Park, this is one of the most expensive offices with marvellous tech office design examples in the world. Costing around $5 Billion, the Apple Headquarters has majorly used the biggest curved glasses as walls and also has 7000 trees across its campus. It is claimed that the cafeteria covers an area of 60,000 square foot with moveable seating that can accommodate 2,100 people. There is also a 20,000 square feet of mezzanine space that can accommodate an extra 600 people and 1,750 seats on terraces outside.

Image Source: Workplace Insight

Netflix and Chilling

If there was a place which was the epitome of balance between work and relaxation, it would be these ultra-comfy workspaces of Netflix headquarters and offices at other locations around the world.

Image Source: Officelovin Insight

Image Source: Archello

It’s all games inside Shutterstock

The Shutterstock headquarters at Manhattan is the best place to be at for professionals who have an edge at gaming because in their new luxurious workspace, they have two game rooms called ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘8-Bit’ in addition to a secret library. The office is, according to the Shutterstock officials, collaborative and inspirational.

Image Source: Archello

Pinterest – always your moodboard

While all the tech offices were busy in creating balance, architectural marvels, and innovation, Pinterest went a step ahead and cleared the air by letting their employees brainstorm and do it the way they liked to. The Pinterest HQ at San Francisco lets their employees turn blank spaces into boards of their own choice, in addition to the amazing wooden interior landscape.

Image Source: ArchDaily

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