Breathtaking Corporate Designer Offices of Tech-Giants

Breathtaking Corporate Designer Offices of Tech-Giants

Uber – Cool Designer Group, Huntsman Architectural Group, has built two new buildings on Uber’s four-building campus. They have emphasised primarily on the employees with a holistic view of not only taking productivity to the next level but also ensuring mutual well-being at all levels of the hierarchy in the office space. The Uber Office

The Modern Chair

Chairs have evolved and how!!! A chic, modern accent for the contemporary homes, these designer chairs are trendy and stylish. Second glance guaranteed if one can stop staring the first time!

Kid’s Bedroom : Fun Ideas

Designing a kid’s bedroom can be fun! This is one room where you can go overboard in adding fun elements. In designing their rooms, however, love needs to be balanced with common sense, and function must complement the form. Round-edged furniture, ample storage space since kids love to collect and hoard, bunk beds to accommodate