Business of Design: A look at the current six big trends in design industry

The Design Industry has always witnessed revolutionary changes in its standards, trends and nature. We have traversed far from designing geniuses used floral motifs, mandala prints and designer attics to a point where we are inclined towards geometry, abstract galactic prints and celestial designs.

The Gen-Z term ‘vibe’ today has intruded on all spheres of life, including professional landscapes. In 2022, the shift in both corporate and residential designs will see a fine balance of minimalism and pastel contours. We have a look at the top six upcoming big trends this year from the designers’ paradise.

  1. Galactic Prints

In ceiling murals, kitchen platforms and living room flooring, the preferences of residents willing to do something new with their living space are trying dark and deep galactic patterns.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Gratex

  1. Textured coloured concrete

The serene texture of exposed concrete is a perfect companion to pastel coloured paints on it. Pastels in red, green, blue and orange, which remind us of eye-pleasing cute English bakeries in European Architecture, are invading our bathrooms and closets, we’d be lying if we say we’re not pleased. The trends indicate that coloured concrete is mostly used in contrast with a monochromatic white-tone colour and in a ratio of 1:1.

Image source: Homenish

Image source: Pinterest

  1. Glazed tiles for exterior walls

While exposed concrete texture is finding its way inside the houses to the bathrooms, glazed shiny tiles with bright bursts of colours are moving out to the main entrance area and exterior boundary walls. 

Image source: Pinterest

Image Source: Archello

  1. Multifunctional spaces

If we look at revolutionary changes in the business of designing brought about by work-from-home regimes followed by people across the world, this is the genesis of multifunctional spaces in residential properties. This change in layout now aims to maintain an interesting room with a study corner, virtual meeting tables and sometimes even a mini pantry to fight Monday blues at home.

Image source: Steelcase India

Image source: The News-Press

  1. The Earth-y Connection

It is supremely interesting to see the invasion of biophilic earth elements inside offices and homes, as the upcoming year of 2022 is set to have clay elements in decor (both designer and abstract), indoor plants and greenery, and natural earth-like paint colours like rust, brown, white, off-white and cream, and deep green and orange. 

The year 2022 came with a lot of novel ideas and changes in the scope of interior designing. It has been overtaken by the culture of ‘vibe’ today and has intruded on all spheres of life, including professional landscapes. We will see a mix of galactic prints, textured coloured concrete, glazed patterns and most importantly, the shift towards sustainability.
Image source: Commercial Interior Design

Image source: Archdaily

  1. Sustainability and mindfulness

2022 in architecture, interiors and decor will be a manifestation of “there’s more than what meets the eye”. Rest aside, big designers are using exclusively sustainable materials ensuring healthy lives and maintaining a conducive environment. We also expect more awareness about the spaces we exist in and thus, ensuring the “vibe” is helpful to our mental health, emotional ride and interests.

Image source: Interior Design Net

Trends come and go but the vibe stays and that is exactly what 2022 has in store for the interior designing industry. A fine balance of beautiful modern architecture and connection with the earth and its elements, the expected regimes are also expected to rejuvenate and optimise the designing industry to suit the changing needs of the residential and commercial spaces. 

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