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Breathtaking Corporate Designer Offices of Tech-Giants

Breathtaking Corporate Designer Offices of Tech-Giants

Uber – Cool Designer Group, Huntsman Architectural Group, has built two new buildings on Uber’s four-building campus. They have emphasised primarily on the employees with a holistic view of not only taking productivity to the next level but also ensuring mutual well-being at all levels of the hierarchy in the office space. The Uber Office

Six Big Trends in Design Industry

Six Big Trends in Design Industry

Business of Design: A look at the current six big trends in design industry The Design Industry has always witnessed revolutionary changes in its standards, trends and nature. We have traversed far from designing geniuses used floral motifs, mandala prints and designer attics to a point where we are inclined towards geometry, abstract galactic prints


Say Blue and the one word that springs to mind is COOL. Blue is a universal favorite.¬†Supposing the color blue was removed from the world, specifically the sea and sky … what color would fill the void? Hard to imagine! June McLeod, author of Colors of the Soul, writes in her book that every cell

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….!!!

When it comes to accessories in the living room,  some of them that can totally transform a place and give it a special charm, warmth and bright decorative accent. The right mirror is definitely one of them. Besides its face value, it also adds space and depth to a room. It is a timeless and versatile design accessory

Cookscape: Modern kitchens

The kitchen is often described as the heart of a home. What makes a kitchen modern?  Clean lines and minimalist detail. Our selection of sleek kitchens will surely inspire even the most reluctant cook to don the apron….