Six Big Trends in Design Industry

Six Big Trends in Design Industry

Business of Design: A look at the current six big trends in design industry The Design Industry has always witnessed revolutionary changes in its standards, trends and nature. We have traversed far from designing geniuses used floral motifs, mandala prints and designer attics to a point where we are inclined towards geometry, abstract galactic prints

The Modern Chair

Chairs have evolved and how!!! A chic, modern accent for the contemporary homes, these designer chairs are trendy and stylish. Second glance guaranteed if one can stop staring the first time!

Cookscape: Modern kitchens

The kitchen is often described as the heart of a home. What makes a kitchen modern?  Clean lines and minimalist detail. Our selection of sleek kitchens will surely inspire even the most reluctant cook to don the apron….

Gorgeous Greys!

Whoever said grey was drab n dreary needs a quick rethink. These pics are ample proof of Grey is Gorgeous. Like streamlined spaces with contemporary character? Clad walls, floors, and showers in dark grey stone tiles. Go classic by opting for pearl-gray walls or light grey bathroom tiles. Over the past year or so there has been a

Black & White Bedrooms: Pure Drama

The color Black is elegant, mysterious, stunning. Used in Bedrooms in combination with white, it is pure drama. You just can’t go wrong with this combo! For the adventurous, the introduction of a third color, by way of a colored wall or accessories can yield great results. Changing the color element frequently while keeping the