Say Blue and the one word that springs to mind is COOL. Blue is a universal favorite.¬†Supposing the color blue was removed from the world, specifically the sea and sky … what color would fill the void? Hard to imagine! June McLeod, author of Colors of the Soul, writes in her book that every cell

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….!!!

When it comes to accessories in the living room,  some of them that can totally transform a place and give it a special charm, warmth and bright decorative accent. The right mirror is definitely one of them. Besides its face value, it also adds space and depth to a room. It is a timeless and versatile design accessory

Creative use of vintage photoframes…

Shall we give our all-important keys the respect that they deserve?? This beautiful carved frame adds style to a simple book shelf. Royalty reads here! Make your own living succulent wall. A great idea to glam-up your garden. Add little hooks to old frames and hang those baubles and beads. No tangles, no mess. Creativity at its